#95 : How to expand beyond 1:1 coaching with jereshia hawk
with Jereshia Hawk 


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I am such a big fan of today’s guest, so I’m really happy you tuned into this bonus episode featuring Jereshia Hawk.

Jereshia is a business coach and sales expert who grew her business from $0-2 million in less than 4 years with organic marketing, a lean team, and high profit margins.

Her mission is to narrow the racial wealth gap. She’s dedicated to seeing more coaches leave a positive impact and create a lasting legacy by leveraging the profit from their business to contribute to the growth of their personal net-worth.

Jereshia is really good at helping you position and sell your group coaching program because you have a proven signature system.

And today we’re going to talk about:

1. The milestones a coach should reach that tell it’s time to expand beyond 1:1.

2. Powerful questions you can ask yourself to figure out the best business model for you.

3. Common mistakes coaches make when they try to scale their business.

And be sure to stick around til the end because there’s this really funny moment where I tried to be all polite about the sketchy sales tactics we so often see online and Jereshia’s response is priceless.

I don’t want to wait another minute. So get ready to take notes and enjoy this inspiring conversation with Jereshia Hawk.


Jereshia Hawk
Jereshia Hawk


Dallas Travers
Dallas Travers

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