#184 : The Most Important Part of Any Launch
with Brenna McGowan 


Episode at a Glance

My guest today is Brenna McGowan who is an expert at launching. 

More specifically, Brenna’s an expert at pre-launching.  And she’s on a mission to set coaches up for less stress and more income every time they launch because they’ve laid the groundwork way before the launch itself.  

By leveraging her pre-launch and Anticipation Marketing™ strategies, Brenna’s clients have seen 50%+ revenue growth in their launches without the frenzy and chaos they used to feel when launching. She also helps her students inside The Pre-Launch Plan Program create strategic pre-launch plans that’ve raked in hundreds of thousands in revenue.

Brenna and I talk all things Pre Launching during today’s conversation. 

For me, the biggest benefit of this episode is for those coaches who don’t launch.  Your pre-launch plan can and should really be your ongoing marketing plan. 

Brenna and I talk about that a bit during the episode. Plus we discuss:

  • Why everyone needs a pre-launch strategy whether you have a program to launch or not. 
  • The nuts and bolts that create a successful pre-launch. 
  • The big differences between pre-launch and launch content. 
  • Plus, why Brenna’s anticipation marketing strategy is so important  for your audience. 

Brenna knows her stuff and I’m so happy she came to spill the tea on the show today. 

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • The perks of pre-launch marketing and the unexpected value it holds for your business.
  • How understanding your ideal clients via voice of customer research can exponentially increase your client engagement.
  • The influential role of storytelling in pre-launch content and how it can transform the way customers perceive your brand.
  • Clever techniques for addressing common concerns and objections in pre-launch marketing that might be hindering your conversion rate.
  • The key to maintaining a steady stream of clients by strategically leveraging the concept of a coaching waitlist.

Perks of pre-launch marketing
In this fast-paced digital era, pre-launch marketing proves to be a powerful tool to create anticipation and promote an impactful connection with the potential customers. Before you unveil your official product or service launch, this strategy provides you with ample time to learn about your audience, thus aiding you in making data-informed decisions. Essentially, investing in pre-launch marketing helps to increase sales, opens opportunities for meaningful interactions, and ultimately leads to a stress-free launch experience.


Brenna McGowan
Brenna McGowan


Dallas Travers
Dallas Travers

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