#42 : What happens when resistance rules?
with Denise Gaffney 


Episode at a Glance

Today’s episode is different from any other I’ve recorded and I almost decided not to share it with you because my goal with each episode is to serve up some tangible actions you can apply in your own business.

That did not happen this time around.

You know those client sessions that don’t seem to go anywhere right away. Maybe that’s because the client isn’t receptive or you as the coach just aren’t connecting the way you’re accustomed to?

That’s what happened when Denise Gaffney joined me. Denise is a pilates and wellness coach who helps her clients develop a core connection in a holistic way.

Denise is a mom who is very protective of her time and her energy. And she’s noticed a trend which is that no matter how much money the business brings in, she’s never quite able to pay herself the salary she wants.

So, Denise came into the episode looking for a lasting breakthrough around her money mindset.

While she and I both agreed that this was a tall order, we dove in wholeheartedly. And I will say that we got somewhere. But it took work.

Now, I almost didn’t air this episode because I feared it wouldn’t be valuable to you, the listener.

Then, I realized that we’re all coaches here and this episode is a great example of two things:

There will be times when our clients feel such resistance that it’s challenging to make progress. How we meet that resistance matters.
During those times, we must honor our client’s process. Even if it doesn’t match our agenda.

While I’m usually pretty good at giving every client the dignity of their own process, I lost track of that in this session. And it shows.

So, rather than ditch the episode, I thought it would be helpful to share it and maybe you’ll gain some insight by witnessing another coach showing up and struggling a bit.

With that, here’s episode #42.


Denise Gaffney
Denise Gaffney


Dallas Travers
Dallas Travers

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