#37 : Tianna tye’s rock solid rules to hire and train your team the right way
with Tianna Tye 


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Back in episodes 13 and 15, I coached two volunteers through creating a hiring plan. But hiring a new team member is the easy part. The real work begins when it’s time to onboard your new hire and set them up for success.

That’s where Tianna Tye comes in. She is the founder of The Leaders’ Circle, and the premier Team Dynamics Consultant for entrepreneurs committed to building high-performing teams to scale their business and reclaim their zone of genius.

Today, Tianna and I talk about the right way to onboard and train your team. Plus, the importance of setting clear expectations and key performance indicators so everybody knows where they stand and what success in their role looks like. Tianna and I also talked about a mistake most coaches make when training (or should I say not training…) their team members. Plus, why it’s important to host regular team meetings for everyone who works for you. Yes, even your VA who clocks 10 hours per month.

As a trained Industrial-Organizational Psychologist, Tianna’s expertise in hiring, team dynamics, and transformational leadership make her a CEO’s secret weapon for managing all things on the “people” side of the business.

I learned so much from our conversation and I’m sure it’ll be the same for you. Before we dig in, I want you to press pause and go grab a fun Daily Work Log Tianna created for you. It’s a great way to audit your time and figure out which tasks you should delegate to a new team member.

She’ll even give you bonus points if you outline which tasks are revenue-generating. Can you say immediate hiring ROI?!

You can grab Tianna’s Daily Work Log here.

And now… Tianna Tye.


Tianna Tye
Tianna Tye


Dallas Travers
Dallas Travers

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