#136 : The most important part of any marketing strategy
with Julie Scott 


Episode at a Glance

In this episode, we’ll tackle the most important thing you can do to sign more clients.

It’s kind of obvious… and yet… it’s THE THING that most of us go out of our way to avoid.

I have a little confession for you about today’s episode…but first, let me introduce our guest.

Julie Scott helps stuck, uninspired, people pleasing women infuse their lives with optimism to find new meaning & purpose so they can confidently make the rest of their life the *best* of their life.

And a couple of months ago, Julie inherited a robust FB group filled with 6000 members of her target audience.

Yet, Julie hadn’t quite figured out how to convert these engaged FB group members into clients and she wanted my help.

Now for my confession…

Prior to recording, my brain was popping with marketing ideas I could share with Julie. I honestly came into the session ready to basically blow her mind with my savvy marketing ideas.

And then… once we started coaching, I realized that Julie was pretty much doing most of what I had planned to suggest.


But when we dug in just a little deeper, what we discovered was that while Julie was doing an excellent job of nurturing her group.. She wasn’t actively selling. She wasn’t inactively selling.  She wasn’t really selling at all.

In fact, in a lot of ways, Julie was making it HARD for the women in her group to hire her.

You see…

Julie fell victim to Wishful Marketing… the unconscious idea that by offering up super valuable content… people will just automatically reach out and ask you if they can hire you.

This… doesn’t really happen.  Like… ever.

So, after Julie and I uncovered that the missing link in her FB group strategy was simply making an offer, we created a schedule to help her step into her Brave Boots and actually invite members of her group to become clients.

Quick update before we dive in… Julie posted in our Hive FB group about a week after we recorded this conversation and guess what… she put our plan into place and already have two sales calls booked.

So there… if you find that you avoid making offers or even if you subtly mention your offers without really leading with them.. You’re going to love this conversation.

Let’s get started shall we?


Julie Scott
Julie Scott


Dallas Travers
Dallas Travers

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