#85 : The best things to focus on in your business
with Jacque Hamilton 


Episode at a Glance

Most of the coaches who tune into this show don’t have a big support staff taking care of every little thing in the business. For a lot of us… the buck stops with us.

Which means that time is our most precious resource.

My guest today is Jacque Hamilton who helps new writers create a strong emotional connection between their characters and the reader so they can publish their work and write for a living.

And on top of her coaching work, she is a committed mom and an avid athlete.

Now, Jacque doesn’t have a lot of extra time and she came into the show wanting a plan to optimize every moment inside her business.

So, Jacque and I talk through a process she can follow to help her feel completely confident that the actions she chooses to focus on are the right ones.

What I loved about this conversation is that Jacque’s plan is completely customizable and actually built to change depending on the weather… literally…

So, if you never feel like there’s not enough time to get all the things done in your day, please grab a pen and paper to follow along. The truth is that you can’t get it all done in a day, so what you choose to do really matters.

Schedule Domination: http://scheduledomination.com


Jacque Hamilton
Jacque Hamilton


Dallas Travers
Dallas Travers

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