#167 : The art and ethics of high ticket offers
with Merel Kriegsman 


Episode at a Glance

My guest today is Merel Kriegsman, a women’s wealth advocate, loving mother, and creator of high-value coaching offers.

I invited her to the show to talk about what it takes to sell and deliver coaching at a premium price because nobody does it better.  Merel’s unique approach to high-ticket offers demonstrates the perfect blend of ethics and success, proving that it’s possible to create a thriving business without compromising on values.

Merel dispelled the myth that the more you charge, the more stuff you have to give.  She spelled out a simple and powerful way to design your premium offer.

Most importantly, though… we talked about the ethical friction many of us can feel about premium pricing.  Yes, it’s a highly profitable business model that makes a dramatic impact on the lives of folks who can afford it.

I think our conversation will spark some ideas for you to help you decide whether or not high ticket offers work for your business.


In this episode, you’ll hear more about:

  1. How to build high-value, high-ticket offers that leave clients in awe.
  2. Why you must strengthen your wealth consciousness to break any ancestral money wounds.
  3. What to ask yourself if you want to find the aligned price for you and your audience.


Key Points We Cover:

Why High Ticket Offers Are Valuable
High ticket offers provide a unique opportunity for coaches to deliver a premium, transformative experience to their clients. Clients who invest in high-ticket coaching programs typically have higher expectations, which is why it is essential for coaches to deliver a high level of customization, intimacy, and support in their programs. Working with fewer clients at a higher price point allows coaches to focus on building strong relationships, crafting tailored solutions to each client’s needs, and maintaining an effective, person-centered approach. During the podcast, Merel emphasizes the importance of aligning the value of the services offered with the price, and explains that charging higher rates allows coaches to focus on creating a positive impact for a smaller group of clients.

Navigating the Intensity of High Ticket Exchanges
High ticket exchanges can be intense for both coaches and clients, as both parties commit significant financial and emotional investment to the process. Successfully navigating these exchanges requires self-trust, a clear and focused vision, and a commitment to continuous improvement. During the podcast, Merel emphasizes the need for self-trust and remembering the bigger picture in the face of triggers and challenges. Dallas adds that having a plan and acting intentionally helps navigate these intense relationships. By managing these high-pressure situations effectively, coaches can create a more fulfilling and successful coaching business


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Merel Kriegsman
Merel Kriegsman


Dallas Travers
Dallas Travers

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