#149 : Should you ditch your email list?
with Valerie Recore 


Episode at a Glance

Do you ever worry that your email list hates getting emails?

It’s a valid question, I suppose. Yet, everywhere we turn, we hear how important list building is if you ever want to expand beyond 1:1 coaching. In fact, our last episode was about this very thing.

But what if your target audience just doesn’t dig email? Maybe they’re the texting kind or just too darn busy to pay much attention to their inbox.

That’s kinda the case for Valerie Recore who was on the show back on episode #112 .

Valerie helps overwhelmed and overcommitted moms stop feeling pulled in too many directions and start spending quality time with their families and on themselves. And in our previous episode we designed a lead magnet for Valerie.

And now that Valerie has started building her list, she wants to make sure that she’s able to nurture her new subscribers in a way that they’ll appreciate.

So, Valerie and I had to think outside the inbox. Yes, you’re correct… that was an honest attempt at the first and definitely the last pun I’ll ever say on this podcast.

Okay… back to Valerie. Today, you’re going to hear us solve Valerie’s email engagement problem by layering in Text messaging so that the busy moms on her list can more easily engage with her incredible content.

I have a feeling that our conversation just might spark some fresh ideas for you, so let’s get going…  Here’s Valerie!


Valerie Recore
Valerie Recore


Dallas Travers
Dallas Travers

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