#161 : Let community unlock your success superpower
with Dannie Jernigan and Shay Leonia 


Episode at a Glance

Hey folks. Dallas Travers here.  Welcome to the first ever podcast takeover episode.

I invited two tremendous coaches and fabulous human beings to grab the mic and record an episode without me.

Why would I do that… very good question… especially considering my controlling tendencies.

But it’s for a good reason.  TODAY is the first day you can register for a free workshop I’ll host next week.  It’s called the Ripple Effect System and it’s for Coaches Who Want a Simple Path to Find More Clients, Become More Visible, and Grow the RIGHT Way.

And I’m just going to warn you now that this is not some free webinar where I promise you six figures in six weeks.  I’m also not going to promise you 10K instagram followers if you just post reels for 30 days.

Building reliable success as a coach requires work. Anyone saying otherwise is so not giving you the full picture.

But that work can be so much simpler than you’ve likely been making it up until now.

Because most coaches haven’t ever been taught the business and marketing fundamentals that simply must be in place if you ever want your business to grow.

But never fear, that’s what you’ll learn when you join me at the Ripple Effect system workshop.

I’ll host the class twice: April 25th and April 26th. And you can grab your free spot now at dallastravers.com/masterclass

Toward the end of the free training, I’ll also invite you to join me inside The Hive, which is my year long mentorship program for values driven coaches.

Which is why I invited Shay and Dannie to take over the podcast today.  I thought it would be super cool for you to hear from two coaches just like you who learned the ripple effect system only a few months ago.

They’ve applied it and their businesses are moving forward at the perfect pace.

Before we dive into the episode, let me share a bit about our two hosts.

Shay Leonia is a music career strategist who helps musicians get the work out into the world the smart way and Dannie Jernigan helps birth workers heal through writing so they can serve their communities in a more powerful way.

These two are really going to spill the tea today, so with that… let’s get into it.

Sign Up for The Ripple Effect System Class: dallastravers.com/masterclass


Dannie Jernigan and Shay Leonia
Dannie Jernigan and Shay Leonia


Dallas Travers
Dallas Travers

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