#159 : Launch your course in 3 phases
with Janet Fox 


Episode at a Glance

Hey there.  I’m Dallas Travers. Thanks for tuning in to coaches on a mission.  I created this show to help you – a values driven coach build a business that makes a difference – for your clients, for you, and for the people you love in your life.

One thing I say often is that you cannot build a business with free stuff you find on the internet.

That includes this podcast – even though every episode is rich with insight and tangible actions… it’s not the same as following a structured, proven, values-aligned path that leaves out all the guesswork.

Which is why I’d love to invite you to apply to join The Hive.  This is a year long mentorship program designed to give you the step by step tools and actions you need to really do this coaching thing.

If that sounds dreamy… I can’t wait to talk with you.  You can apply to join the hive and book a 1:1 call with me directly at dallastravers.com/apply.

Now… let me introduce you to today’s guest.

Janet Fox is a published author and a book coach who helps kidlit authors build their story-telling confidence so they can achieve their dream of writing a novel.

Janet’s private client roster is pretty full so she’s ready to create a course so she can help even more people.

So, Janet and I talked through whether or not she’s ready to launch a course, how to co-create a course with students instead of waiting to launch a finished product and hope folks buy it, and who the ideal client for her course truly is.

This conversation is jam-packed with action steps you can apply to your own business.

If expanding beyond 1:1 coaching is on your to-do list this year, get ready to take some notes and apply the 3x course strategy on your own.


Janet Fox
Janet Fox


Dallas Travers
Dallas Travers

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