#114 : Is it time to launch a course?
with Elizabeth Ruth 


Episode at a Glance

This episode dives into one of my favorite things to teach about.

Course Launches.

This might surprise you because we don’t talk about course launching very often on this show, but launching is actually one of my super powers.

But there’s a good reason why this show doesn’t over-emphasize course launches. And that’s because too many experts in the online space tout the myth that anybody can just use your life experience to create a course and once you do… it’ll somehow miraculously just sell and voila… you’ve got a six, seven, even eight figure business on your hands.

There are a lot of steps that must happen in order for your business to reap the benefits of a scaled offering, such as a course — which is why inside The Hive we practice The Ripple Effect System.

But… believe me when I tell you that a successful course launch is indeed in your future.

And that’s where today’s guest, Elizabeth Ruth has found herself.

Yet, Elizabeth came into our conversation with a lot of doubts and specific questions she needed addressed in order to give herself permission to finally launch her course.

Elizabeth is the proud owner of ER Marketing Services.  Her team helps entrepreneurs implement the systems they need to knock their marketing out of the park.  She has a proven system that can easily become a course and our goal during this episode was to turn her course into a reality.

If you want to design and launch a course — the right way — grab a pen and paper because you’ll want to take a bunch of notes.

And, now… let’s talk courses, shall we?


Elizabeth Ruth
Elizabeth Ruth


Dallas Travers
Dallas Travers

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