#154 : How to speak to two different dream clients
with Amanda Meri 


Episode at a Glance

I have to confess that I came into recording this episode feeling really confident about the direction the conversation would take.  And I was completely wrong.

My guest is Amanda Meri who helps two very different groups of people.

Inside her Gut Healing Academy, Amanda helps folks reverse their chronic illness by healing their guts.

The second group Amanda serves doesn’t struggle with chronic illness.  But they want to boost their energy and eat the food they love without gaining weight, getting bloated, or having any pain.

So, the question Amanda had for me was “How do I market two businesses at one time?”

My answer before our conversation was, “Well, you don’t.  It’s twice the work for you and too confusing for your audience.

Yet… as Amanda shared her motivation to serve both audiences and strong stance that merging them just wouldn’t work, I came around.

The result kinda sorta blew my mind because the two of us were actually able to find a simple way for Amanda to attract, nurture, and convert both dream clients without a ton of extra work on her part and without confusing folks.

If, like Amanda, you serve two very distinct audiences in two very different ways, this episode will be a game changer for you.

I hope you enjoy it.


Amanda Meri
Amanda Meri


Dallas Travers
Dallas Travers

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