#169 : How to sell on social without selling your soul
with Laura Kendrick 


Episode at a Glance

If you can’t stand social media, but know you need to market your business on there, then this episode is for you.

My guest today is Laura Kendrick who helps pre & postnatal people stay present in every moment without sacrificing their health and wellness.

Laura feels like the best kept secret in her niche and she’s pretty tired of it.

She also knows without a doubt that her target audience spends a lot of time scrolling through social media. Which means that as much as she can’t stand social, Laura wants to find a way to market her business on social media without selling her soul.

We got creative and leaned into Laura’s why to simplify and a getting-started social plan that both Laura and I feel pretty darn good about.

In this episode, we’ll discuss how to:

1. Leverage Laura’s love of writing to repurpose blog content on Instagram.
2. Delegate social media responsibilities for better consistency and engagement.
3. Develop concise, purposeful calls-to-action in every post.
4. Protect your heart from the comparison game or negativity that can often appear on social platforms

Key Points We Cover:

Playing the Game of Social Media

Many coaches just aren’t sure how to present their brand while remaining true to their values. Playing the game of social media can feel disingenuous, which makes it hard for coaches who prioritize authenticity to engage in this space. Laura shares her concerns with Dallas, explaining her internal resistance to social media and how she feels pressured to craft a specific image for her online presence.

Dallas suggests that Laura leverage what’s already working and do the bare minimum because consistent content is so much more effective than simply posting a lot.

The Friction of Social Media
Apps like Instagram can blow up your phone with endless notifications. Which explains why many coaches often find themselves grappling with their values and messages while still aiming to entice followers through their online platforms

In her conversation with Dallas, Laura mentioned that remaining genuine on social media can be challenging, especially when most strategies revolve around manipulating follower counts and engagement rates. They discuss the importance of aligning your values with social media practices to ensure that your stance aligns with and truly serves your target audience.

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Laura Kendrick
Laura Kendrick


Dallas Travers
Dallas Travers

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