#108 : How to promote when you don’t have anything to sell
with Sarah Light 


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Here’s a question: what the heck are you supposed to talk about when you don’t have anything to sell? Once your client roster is full and you’ve moved into a launch model with a course or group program, it’s hard to promote your offerings when they’re not actually available.

That’s the issue today’s guest faced. Her name is Sarah Light. She’s the creator of the beautiful yearly planner called Sol Planners.  BTW… we’ve linked to her gorgeous planners. I have one and it’s so super yummy.

Sarah sells a lot of planners from October to about Mid February.  After that, she doesn’t have any offerings… and doesn’t want them.

Yet, because her business serves coaches, she gets the importance of list building and engaging your audience. But that’s always felt off because how much can you really talk about planners in June, right?

But the two of us do a pretty good job of creating a year-long marketing plan designed to maintain a solid connection with her audience and build up a ton of anticipation for the glorious day when the next year’s planners drop.

Even though Sarah sells a product and you may be a coach, you likely need a year long marketing plan so that when you do move into a launch or a client surge, your audience is waiting with bated breath to dive in.

So let’s get into it…


Sarah Light
Sarah Light


Dallas Travers
Dallas Travers

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