#68 : How to design your signature process
with Leigh Cambre 


Episode at a Glance

Okay, all my life coaches, authenticity coaches, health coaches, confidence coaches, everybody out there who’s really good at listening to your client and offering up custom tools or insight that completely transforms their lives… this episode is for you.

Because I’m willing to bet that you haven’t given much thought to your signature process because no two clients are the same and no two coaching sessions look alike.  That’s probably what you love so much about the work you do.

Yet… those of us in the moment, meet the client where they’re at and help them move forward kinda coaches can sometimes struggle to find the words to accurately represent the work we do.

Nothing can really come close, yet if the only way to truly understand the power of our work is through experiencing it… self promotion and marketing can be a struggle.

That was the case for today’s guest, Leigh Cambre. He helps optimistic overachievers find balance and room to breathe without losing their edge.

And Leigh is truly an excellent coach with a lot of training under his belt and tools in his pocket.

Which made it difficult for Leigh to find a catchy slogan or marketing jargon to describe his work.  Which, in turn, can make it difficult to bring in more clients.

So, Leigh and I walked through a pretty cool exercise that revealed his signature process.  We even gave it a name – The Cambre Method.  Now, does Liegh’s bright, shiny signature process cover everything he does for his clients? Nope. Does it come close… you better believe it.

If you’re a coach who’s work covers a broad range of results and your biggest strength is your ability to simply serve your clients, grab a pen and extra paper because I hope you’ll follow along with my conversation with Leigh to create your signature process too.

Let’s have some fun!


Leigh Cambre
Leigh Cambre


Dallas Travers
Dallas Travers

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