#11 : How to design a course that doesn’t overwhelm people
with Morgan Balavage 


Episode at a Glance

In today’s episode, I help Morgan Balavage design a new course that delivers a ton of value without overwhelming her students. As coaches, we WANT to give our clients and students everything we’ve got. And that desire to serve sometimes creates roadblocks for your clients.

Overdelivering is often more harmful than under-delivering because your #1 responsibility with any course your deliver is to help you students feel successful so they stick with the program and actually see results.

And, sometimes that means holding back on your course content.

Morgan and I dig into this concept inside the episode and the end result is a pretty valuable course that delivers on it’s promise, sets her students up to feel capable and take action, plus it leans perfectly into a bigger offering Morgan wants to enroll students in after they complete the first course.

If you have a new program or course on the horizon and really want to set your students up to feel confident, stay focused and see results, this episode is a must listen.


Morgan Balavage
Morgan Balavage


Dallas Travers
Dallas Travers

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