#47 : How to become a better delegator
with Lisa Pepper-Satkin 


Episode at a Glance

Okay… let’s talk about delegating shall we?

My guest today is Lisa Pepper-Satkin who loves serving her clients. It’s her happy place. What she doesn’t love is all of the admin involved in marketing her business and delivering for her clients.

Lisa has two contractors who work for her and she came into our conversation hoping to figure out a way to improve their performance.

What Lisa and I uncovered pretty quickly was that in order for her team to improve, she had to become a better delegator.

Which makes sense because – probably like you – Lisa started out as a one person show. She got really good at doing all of the things on her own. So, she brought that energy to her team assuming that she’d have to show them every little step involved in their tasks, too.

Her micromanaging ways didn’t feel good for Lisa or her team. And when I shared my all time favorite delegation tool, Lisa’s mind basically blew.

Whether you have a VA who only works a few hours per month, a team of several people, or you’re still working as a one person show, this episode will reveal the best way to delegate a project so you give your team autonomy and everybody understands exactly what success looks like.



Lisa Pepper-Satkin
Lisa Pepper-Satkin


Dallas Travers
Dallas Travers

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