#27 : Got a big mission? Turn it into a game
with Saisha Ma 


Episode at a Glance

“If you have a big mission or a strong sense of purpose, you’re going to love today’s episode of The Six Figure Coach Podcast.

My guest is Saisha Ma (previously known as Sonia Chavez at the time of recording) who is on a mission to help Rebel Leaders and emerging talent create much-needed disruption in the corporate space and society at large.

Saisha’s North Star has always been to give back to at-risk youth and emerging communities through accessible coaching and workshops and bring diversity, equity, inclusion, and justice into businesses as an experience.

With such a big mission, Saisha knows it’s time to become more vocal by sharing her message consistently online.

Yet, she also understands that her stance on Radical Love isn’t something everybody feels ready for, especially many of the progressive people in her life.

So, we created a game to help Saisha lean into her own mischievous qualities to lean fully into her mission. Even if it invites dissent and disagreement.

I was so inspired by Saisha’s openness to the coaching process in this episode and even a little surprised about where the conversation took us. I think you’ll enjoy it too.


Saisha Ma
Saisha Ma


Dallas Travers
Dallas Travers

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