#29 : Feeling unclear? Put blinders on + get to work
with Melissa Costello 


Episode at a Glance

Have you ever suffered from breakthrough backlash? It usually happens about a week after you’ve had a massive moment of clarity in your business when everything seems to come together.

Yet, when it’s time to follow through on that pivotal moment, you get cold feet, feel confused, and second-guess everything.

That’s exactly what happened for Melissa Costello after she realized it was time to take her coaching business in an entirely new direction.

We actually shared Melissa’s breakthrough moment in Episode 12 of this show, but since then, things haven’t been all rainbows and dollar bills for Melissa.

She’s felt incredibly stuck, unfocused, and fearful about what to do to generate revenue right now while still building this new brand.

In today’s episode, Melissa realizes that she’s a heck of a lot more clear than she thought she was and confusion was just showing up as a cunning form of resistance.

The two of us break through that resistance today to help Melissa put on blinders and focus on repeatable habits to fully commit to her new business and bring it to life.


Melissa Costello
Melissa Costello


Dallas Travers
Dallas Travers

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