#113 : Essential steps to take before you create a quiz
with Chanti Zak 


Episode at a Glance

Today’s bonus episode will take the quiz conversation we started on Sunday’s episode even further because my favorite Quiz Expert will share some important things to consider before you design a quiz.

So, let me introduce Chanti Zak. Chanti is a business growth coach, strategist, and agency owner sometimes lovingly known as the quiz queen (though she doesn’t *really* call herself that), she’s the Chief Evangelist at Interact, mom of 3, and an amateur homesteader.

Today, Chanti and I will talk about why quizzes are a perfect lead magnet for coaches and some invisible yet all too common mistakes people make when they create their quiz.  I even made one of them myself!

What I love about Chanti is how she helps values-driven brands build a thriving ecosystem in their businesses through her programs and done-for-you services.

Let’s talk quizzes with Chanti Zak!


Chanti Zak
Chanti Zak


Dallas Travers
Dallas Travers

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