#75 : Email marketing in 2022… what you need to know!
with Felly Day 


Episode at a Glance

Today’s episode is a quickie and it’s jam packed with great tips to set you up for email marketing success in 2022.

Now, If you ever thought email marketing was dead, think again because my guest, Felly Day is here to teach you why email marketing is still the most powerful tool you have at your disposal.

Plus, she’ll share some copywriting tips and strategies to ensure that those emails you pour your heart into actually get opened and read.

I invited Felly to the show because I want you to build a coaching business you are truly proud of, which is the commitment of this show.

So, before we dive in, let me share a bit about Felly..

Felly started her business as a VA in 2019 so that she could pursue her dreams of digital nomad life. By Feb 2020, her business had scaled into a full content agency and from there she started mentoring and teaching on the side.

Felly is a gifted writer who values connection and it shows.

And now, let’s talk about email marketing, shall we?


Felly Day
Felly Day


Dallas Travers
Dallas Travers

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