#26 : Don’t overcomplicate discovery sessions
with Kate Farrall 


Episode at a Glance

“Let’s talk about discovery sessions, shall we? Whether you call them sales call, enrollment conversations, sample sessions, or a quick chat, these intro conversations with prospective clients can feel dicey.

We love coaching… but selling? Not so much.

My guest is Kate Farrall, a brilliant coach who helps motivated artists earn more money from their work. You see Kate’s clients have talent and creativity to spare, but what they lack is a structure and authentic approach to connect and engage with the people who can show work and invest in their art.

That’s what Kate helps them do. Her work allows artists to get the recognition they deserve and make money doing the creative work they love.

What I love about my session with Kate is that she’s coming up against many of the same fears and obstacles her clients face when it comes to selling her services.

From rigid coaching packages, under-charging, and inconsistent follow-through, Kate and I solve the problems that block most coaches from discovery sessions that convert and actually feel fun.


Kate Farrall
Kate Farrall


Dallas Travers
Dallas Travers

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