#38 : Does your message match your price?
with Jolene Blackbourn 


Episode at a Glance

Jolene Blackbourn helps prospective law students save time, money and stress so they can be financially free and live the life they always dreamed as an attorney.

Now, Jolene’s industry is known for offering extremely low-priced offers such as a $49 coaching session or perhaps a $15 video training.

Jolene’s course is designed to save law students $300,000 in tuition fees. So, it’s worth a heck of a lot more than a $15 video. Yet, Jolene worried that she would price herself out with a thousand dollar program.

We worked on this inside the Six FIgure Coach Club to help her clarify who her ideal client is. Jolene realized that her ideal client doesn’t want to piece together a plan with a pile of $15 guides. They value prestige and high quality.

Which is exactly what Jolene’s course delivers. So, we basically 10X-ed the price of Jolene’s course.

Which brings me to today’s episode. Jolene and I walk through some tangible changes to 10X her messaging plus some strategies to help more law students take the leap and invest in her course.

If you ever wonder how to talk about your course and make it irresistible, you’ll love my conversation with Jolene.


Jolene Blackbourn
Jolene Blackbourn


Dallas Travers
Dallas Travers

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