#49 : Do you struggle with over-responsibility?
with Benno Nelson 


Episode at a Glance

This week’s guest is Benno Nelson who began coaching just a few months ago. After a super successful career as a video editor, Benno now helps video freelancers grow their business, achieve their goals and move from working gig to gig to a prosperous career.

Like a lot of newer coaches (let’s be real… I even fall into this trap from time to time and I’ve been coaching for nearly 20 years!)… Benno has fallen into Over Responsibility.

This occurs when we focus more on proving our worth than we do on providing value to the client.

Benno and I talk through a few ways that over responsibility shows up for him and troubleshoot easy solutions so that he can help his clients feel empowered and help himself feel less pressure.

Grab something to take notes on because you’ll learn about how traction reports help your clients stay on track, how Google folders are your new best friend, and even how to structure coaching groups to deliver the same benefit that comes with privates.

There’s a lot packed inside this episode, so let’s get going.


Benno Nelson
Benno Nelson


Dallas Travers
Dallas Travers

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