#128 : Do this when you’re in your own way
with Randi Roberts 


Episode at a Glance

As coaches, we’ve all had those moments where we’ve held ourselves back.  Whether it’s fear, perfectionism, distraction, or overwhelm… as humans, we’ve all been there.

It’s painful, especially when we know we’re doing it, yet we just can’t seem to break free from our sabotaging behaviors.

This episode is one of my favorites because we tackle self-sabotage head on.

Now, this episode originally aired what feels like a lifetime ago… and I’m bringing it forward today for 3 reasons

First, and most importantly, our guest…  when we recorded this episode she was totally stuck around visibility.

Randi Corlin Roberts left her extremely successful corporate career to become a coach.

Randi had a massively successful track record, yet she held herself back from putting her coaching business out there.

Yes, she had private clients, but Randi wanted more…

Since this recording, Randi is so different.

She has a podcast now, she goes live, she’s launched power groups… she is a visibility machine!

So, I hope you feel inspired as you listen back and hear where she was at not long ago.

Reason #2:  We updated our coaching super power quiz and I want you to get your hands on the updated toolkits!  This episode is one of the resources we recommend for those coaches who score limitless potential, connection, or magnetism.

Let’s find out if that’s you – go take the quiz now at dallastravers.com/quiz

The 3rd reason this episode matters is really just because as values driven coaches, we all have days where things feel hard and we wish we didn’t have to be so visible.

As risky as it feels to put yourself out there, holding back is much more painful. So, I hope this episode inspires you in some way.

Okay… let’s get into it…


Randi Roberts
Randi Roberts


Dallas Travers
Dallas Travers

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