#28 : Cut your offerings, raise your price, and expand your niche: behind the scenes of tilita’s six figure journey
with Tilita Lutterlowh 


Episode at a Glance

Throughout 2021, we’re going to track one coach’s progress toward six figures. You may remember Tilita Lutterloh from episode #4 on the show. She’s a high performance coach and graciously agreed to welcome behind the scenes in her business this year.

In this episode, Tilita and I share some big changes we had to make in her business in order for her to reach her revenue goals without burning out.

Rather than piling on more offerings, more work, more stuff… we actually eliminated all but one of her offerings. Then, we raised her prices because her prices were so low they did not reflect the quality of her work or the values she holds.

Lastly, we dug into her niche so that she can expand beyond runners and serve any goal oriented, ambitious, structure loving leader out there.

After our first coaching session this year, I had goosebumps because Tilita’s path to six figures is so crystal clear to me. So, I can’t wait to see how her journey unfolds this year and excited to watch it right along with you.


Tilita Lutterlowh
Tilita Lutterlowh


Dallas Travers
Dallas Travers

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