#23 : Build a distraction-free business plan
with Nicole Tschierske 


Episode at a Glance

You know… not every coach wants to run their own empire. Sure, a lot of us wouldn’t dream of not doing this work full time and taking it as far as we can possibly go. But others prefer to let their business take up just a small corner of their busy and full lives.

That’s the case for my guest, Nicole Tschierske. Nicole has a full time job that she loves. So, while she also love coaching, she wants to keep her practice relatively small.

Today, she and I will craft a 12 month plan with a laser focus because Nicole doesn’t have a ton of extra time to devote to her business and she wants to make sure that everything she focuses on packs the biggest punch with the least amount of effort.

Whether you want a tiny but mighty coaching business or you’re shooting for the stars this year, today’s episode will help you think about the year ahead and make important choices about which actions you’ll take on and why.


Nicole Tschierske
Nicole Tschierske


Dallas Travers
Dallas Travers

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