#31 : Be more decisive to overcome overwhelm
with Annie Little 


Episode at a Glance

Have you ever heard the phrase “A confused mind says no”?

Basically, when faced with too many options, our brains freeze and we choose nothing.

That’s the trap this week’s guest, Annie Little found herself in with her business.

Annie is a voice coach who helps passionate singers finally find their full, true voice without strain, breaks, or cracks so they can express with freedom and authenticity. She’s also my voice coach and she’s helped me finally be able to sing without breaking into tears, so I adore her.

Now, Annie’s business is growing quickly and she sees how she’s the bottle neck. She has a bunch of creative ideas and important tasks on her to-do list. Her private client roster is basically full and she wants to create a group offering or membership.

But, she still doesn’t have all the foundations in place to put consistent content out in the world.

And, she’s stretched thin.

With so many possibilities and must-dos, Annie came to our session feeling pretty paralyzed. But we worked through it together to help her prioritize the most immediate tasks and create a timeline for the year.

If you’re stuck in analysis paralysis, this episode will be a life saver because it offers a framework to make decisions and commit to action.



Annie Little
Annie Little


Dallas Travers
Dallas Travers

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