#8 : Are you afraid of being judged?
with Rachel B. Selig 


Episode at a Glance

Today’s episode is a juicy one because Rachel Selig comes on to get my help narrowing down her niche, which seems simple enough.

But once we got into our conversation, a few fears came up for Rachel right away. And we realized that she’s resisted niching down for two reasons.

The first is to protect herself from being judged by people from her past. If she’s not niched, she can’t put herself out there. If she can’t put herself out there, she can’t be open to criticism.

The second reason Rachel has resisted niching was her fear that she wouldn’t be able to deliver on her promise to her clients. So by being vague in her marketing, she wouldn’t attract clients. If she didn’t have clients, she didn’t have to deal with disappointing them.

So Rachel and I rolled up our sleeves and we dug into these fears inside today’s episode.

That way Rachel can finally get clear about her target audience and begin to put herself out there.

If you ever fear being criticized, you will love my session with Rachel.


Rachel B. Selig
Rachel B. Selig


Dallas Travers
Dallas Travers

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