#166 : A simple plan to nurture your referral network
with Stacey O’Bryan 


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If you’d like to formalize a referral network for your coaching business and want a simple and community-focused plan, then this episode is for you.

My guest today is Stacey O’Bryan. She helps you take quick control of your legal issues and explore all options before hiring a lawyer.

Stacey is one of those people who you kinda hope you never need to hire, but boy are you grateful to have her in your corner when you do. Which is part of the opportunity and the obstacle when it comes to client attraction because Stacey helps folks who are facing a legal conflict… which at some point will be 50% of us within the next 3 years, by the way…

Basically, in a way, everybody’s Stacey’s dream client… yet nobody is.

Which explains why nearly all of Stacey’s clients come to her through referrals.

So, Stacey wanted my help crafting a simple plan to nurture the people in her world and on her list so that when a potential legal problem does arise, she’s the first person we all think of.

In this episode, you will be able to:

  1. Build unshakable trust and increased recognition with regular communication tactics.
  2. View everyone as a possible client or referral, maximizing networking possibilities.
  3. Utilize personalized elements in communications to cement deeper connections.
  4. Reap the benefits of reciprocity by seeking ways to help others progress.
  5. Construct a structured framework for garnering and fostering strong referrals.


Key Points We Cover:

Creating a Referral Network
Establishing a successful referral network is a goal for every legal coach, as it can lead to new clients and expanded business opportunities. The key ingredient is consistency – from the communication methods employed to the nurturing approach taken with potential referral sources. By focusing on insightful and value-laden content in nurturing experiences, a coach can create a network that actively generates referrals for their coaching business. During the conversation, Dallas emphasizes the importance of having a structured system for inviting and nurturing referrals, which is highly influential for any coaching business, no matter its niche.

Consistent Communication
Consistent communication is essential when it comes to nurturing referral partnerships. Developing a monthly content plan for communication is key. The focus should be on reinforcing one’s legal expertise through value-added content, while also adding personal touches to create a memorable impression on recipients. Dallas encourages Stacey to adopt a structured approach, sending out weekly or monthly emails containing informative content and personal stories. By doing so, she can nurture relationships and trust with her network, not only increasing its reach but also its efficacy at providing new client opportunities for Stacey.

Everyone is a Potential Referral Partner
Embracing the mindset that everyone is a potential client and referral partner is crucial to maximizing a coaching business’ referral network. This frame of mind ensures that the coach maintains an open perspective when it comes to seeking referrals, providing the opportunities to transform acquaintances into potential referral sources. During the podcast conversation, Dallas emphasizes the importance of this mindset when it comes to referrals because everyone that Stacey encounters is potentially a referral partner. Dallas emphasizes the pivotal role of referral partners in instilling confidence in potential clients by endorsing Stacey’s legal expertise.

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Stacey O’Bryan
Stacey O’Bryan


Dallas Travers
Dallas Travers

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