#163 : A marketing plan for folks who hate marketing
with Sophee Payne 


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Welcome to Coaches on a Mission.  I’m your host, Dallas Travers.

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My guest today is Sophee Payne who just might love coaching as much as I do.

But Sophee doesn’t share my love of marketing and came to the episode fully committed to spending the least amount of time and effort on the marketing strategies with the highest ROI.

Sophee helps driven people to go for the dream career they really want without letting fear, overwhelm, or uncertainty hold them back any longer.

And she isn’t interested in spending her day on social media.  And though that may sound like a sophisticated form of resistance, for Sophee… this decision came with a ton of intention.

So, the two of us crafted a plan so Sophee could expand her business with simplicity and ease.

Here’s what we came up with:

STEP 1: Give yourself permission to spend your marketing time the way you want to.  It’s your business, after all.

STEP 2: Before you choose a marketing plan, decide how you want to feel as you market your business.

STEP 3: Let that feeling lead the way. Identify the actions that align with the way you want to feel.

STEP 4: If you do decide to walk a different marketing path, decide consciously what you’ll do instead of things like social media marketing.

I had so much fun talking with Sophee during our recording and I hope you have fun listening.


Sophee Payne
Sophee Payne


Dallas Travers
Dallas Travers

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