#160 : 6 steps to stand out in a crowded market
with Jennifer Jakobsen 


Episode at a Glance

You’re listening to Coaches on a Mission – I’m your host Dallas Travers and today, we need to have a real conversation about how you can avoid what Jona Xiao calls The Sea of Sameness.

If you ever worry that too many coaches do what you do and there’s nothing that really makes you special, this episode just might blow your mind.

My guest is Jennifer Jakobsen who helps business owners who want to make a difference slay their self doubt and desperation so they can show up with the kind of authenticity that attracts paying clients over and over again.

Jennifer came into our conversation with a simple question…How can I leverage my strengths, skills, and background to stand out in a crowded market?

Well dear listener, I’m not sure if you’ve noticed… but we business coaches coaching other coaches on how to find coaching clients… We’re kind of everywhere.

And Jennifer had a hunch that she was making marketing harder than it had to be simply because she couldn’t quite pinpoint what exactly makes her special.

Before I hand Jennifer the mic, let me share the six steps we designed to help her stand out in a crowded market.

Step 1: Identify what you want your clients to celebrate when they wrap up your work together?

Step 2: Clarify the thing that holds them back from their goal.

Step 3: Choose a specific snapshot in time that illustrates where your dream client is at when they’re ready to hire you.  The clearer the better on this one.

Step 4: Name the skills, perspectives, experience and expertise you bring to the table to help your clients accomplish their goals.

Step 5: With those things in mind, what process would you take a client through to get them from where they stand today to the goal they hope to celebrate in the future.

Step 6: Own your Blue Ocean – the unique place in your industry that only you occupy and where competitors don’t exist.

All right… this episode was one of my favorites in a while. So, let’s take a listen, shall we?


Jennifer Jakobsen
Jennifer Jakobsen
Dallas Travers
Dallas Travers

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