#158 : 4 steps to find the magic words to describe your work
with Corinne Gavlinski 


Episode at a Glance

My guest today is Corinne Gavlinski and while this is the part of the intro where I would normally tell you who Corinne serves and how… I’m not going to because that’s the very thing she and I coached around during the episode.

What I can tell you is that Corinne has years of experience as a corporate coach and she just needed some outside eyes on what, inside The Hive, we call your Dream Client Power Statement (DCPS), which is a succinct and super clear way to describe your dream clients and how you help them.

And while Corinne had done her homework and landed on a DCPS that ticked all the boxes, it didn’t light her up and make her feel excited.

The good news is that we totally got there toward the end of the episode and her Dream Client Power Statement is really, really, good.

We ran Corinne’s new and improved DCPS through what I call the Lyft Ride Litmus Test.

Imagine that your signature system or DCPS is written out on a sheet of paper that you left on the seat of your Uber or Lyft.

If the next person to hop in the car can read the page and totally understand what the heck you’re talking about, you pass the litmus test.

So, listen to the episode and follow along to craft your own Dream Client Power Statement.  From there, be sure to run it through the Lyft Ride Litmus test.

I hope you enjoy!


Corinne Gavlinski
Corinne Gavlinski


Dallas Travers
Dallas Travers

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