#106 : 3 critical hiring mistakes to avoid no matter what role you hire for
with Cindy Harvey 


Episode at a Glance

My guest today is Cindy Harvey who has helped me make 2 very essential hires in my business over the last 12 or so months.

You know when you meet those people who immediately make you want to strategize a plan to become best friends? Cindy is one of those people for me.

Truthfully, immediately after she helped me hire our Project Lead, Julie, I said to my team… I can’t wait to hire somebody else just so I can work with Cindy again.

And Cindy is here today to help you avoid some of the most common hiring mistakes coaches make. Now, before you decide this episode doesn’t apply to you because your business isn’t quite big enough to have a team… think again.

Whether you need to hire your very first VA or like me, you’ve got a few full-time employees, you will learn essential lessons that will set you, the contractors or employees you hire AND your business up for long term success.

A bit more about Cindy before we dive in… She’s a hiring expert, leadership coach, and founder of Amelia Dee, a company that helps online coaches find, assess, and hire the right talent for their growing teams.

After spending 15 years making the hiring process fair and easy for hundreds of leaders, Cindy has seen it all. Now she helps online coaches make sound hiring decisions so they can step into their leadership potential with team members who are connected to their mission.

Cindy is a Certified Human Resources Leader and an active member of the Human Resources Professionals Association.  And I am so excited to introduce her to you… so let’s get going!


Cindy Harvey
Cindy Harvey


Dallas Travers
Dallas Travers

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