#207 : 4 Keys To A Lead Magnet That Stands Out
with Aissa Thalia 
headshot of guest Aissa Thalia for her "4 keys to a lead magnet that stands out" podcast episode v2


Episode at a Glance

The last thing any coach wants is a boring, run-of-the-mill lead magnet. Instead we want a useful tool that gives our client’s traction toward investing in coaching. In this episode, Dallas helps Aissa Thalia leverage her unique approach and personal qualities to create an out-of-this-world lead magnet her audience will love.

Key Takeaways

  • Hyper-Niching Boosts Connection: Niche marketing enhances engagement by aligning messaging with the specific needs of your audience, fostering genuine connections.
  • Lead Magnets Should Align with Core Offerings: Design lead magnets that prepare clients for your core coaching services, ensuring seamless transition and alignment with their goals.
  • Crafting Empowering Beliefs: Use affirmations and guided meditations to instill beliefs of self-worth and resilience, setting the stage for transformative coaching experiences.
  • Lead Magnet Design: Combining movement, meditation, and affirmations in a seven-day practice to help actors feel more confident and energized.
  • Client Focus: Prioritizing current client surge before delving into lead magnet creation, ensuring focused attention and energy allocation.

Timestamps & Key Topics

[01:12] How Niche marketing enhances engagement with your audience
[05:08] Aissa’s goal of creating a unique lead magnet
[06:28] Defining the offer and the promise
[09:57] Core beliefs Aissa’s clients need to adopt for successful coaching engagement
[16:54] Using affirmations and guided meditations to instill beliefs of self-worth
[20:30] Exploring strategies to help actors detach from others’ opinions
[22:48] How happiness connects to abundance and attracting positive energy
[25:25] Using a seven-day meditation ritual for the lead magnet
[27:50] Brainstorming ideas for the lead magnet’s components and delivery
[37:35] Discussion on a title for the lead magnet
[43:35] Defining action steps for the lead magnet
[49:21] Dallas advises Aissa to focus on her current client surge before creating her lead magnet

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Aissa Thalia
Aissa Thalia


Dallas Travers
Dallas Travers

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Episode Highlights

Beyond The PDF: Crafting An Experiential Lead Magnet

List building is crucial for a whole host of reasons. But for me, #1 is the fact that it’s your big mailing list that gives you options. 

✦ Options to scale when you feel like it. 

✦ Or run a flash sale for a quick cash infusion. 

✦ Or host retreats.  

It also makes lead magnet swaps easier and it makes you feel like you’re doing this coaching thing. 

My guest today is Aissa Thalia. She is a happiness expert who helps actors who haven’t booked work in a while feel great, happy, and confident regardless of their booking status. Aissa came into the episode knowing that she needed to update her lead magnet to match her target audience. 

And she didn’t want just any lead magnet. She wanted something that stands out and feels like, what I call, experiential marketing. That’s the kind of marketing that gives folks a true and accurate taste of what it’s like to work with you. 

So, some sort of PDF download wasn’t going to cut it. 

After some brainstorming and troubleshooting, Aissa and I came up with these keys to a fantastic lead magnet that checks all the boxes:
✔ It has a clear promise

✔ It’s easy to implement

✔ It’s unique to Aissa

✔ And… it relies on experiential marketing

The Magic of Hyper Niching and Lead Magnets

Have you ever thought about the power of focusing super closely on your audience? Well, let me tell you, it’s a game-changer. 

Aissa and I dove deep into the world of hyper-niching, and it’s like finding a secret doorway to success. By specializing in coaching actors who haven’t booked in 90 days, Aissa found a unique spot in a crowded market.

So, what’s the deal with lead magnets in all of this? Well, they’re your golden ticket. 

Imagine a lead magnet so juicy, so unique, that your audience can’t help but click.

For Aissa, this means designing a blueprint that’s going to capture attention and showcase her expertise, all while being super relevant to her niche audience. It’s all about creating that roadmap that leads actors not just to any coaching, but to the coaching they’ve been searching for.

And the cherry on top? A lead magnet that seamlessly bridges the gap between attracting your audience and guiding them towards making a decision – be it joining private coaching sessions or power groups. 

But it’s more than that. It’s about making a promise that you’re going to transform them. 

When you narrow down your focus and pair it with a lead magnet that genuinely delivers, there’s no stopping you.

Keys To A Lead Magnet That Engages and Delivers

Aissa and I chewed over creating a vibrant project to ignite that inner glow of confidence and alignment in just seven days. Because feeling “good enough” isn’t a distant dream – it’s Aissa’s mission.

Simplicity is Key: We’re stripping back to basics with “Feel Good Enough: Seven Days to More Confidence and Momentum for Every Actor.” It’s time for a vibe shift!

Cutting Through the Noise: Forget the secret sauce to snagging roles; we’re here to tackle the real deal – feeling worthy. This lead magnet is all about making an authentic difference.

Crafting a Lead Magnet That Truly Resonates

From the groove of meditation music to the nitty-gritty of tech integrations, Aissa and I journeyed through the maze to bring a lead magnet that doesn’t just exist – it impacts.

The takeaway? Create a lead magnet that doesn’t just whisper but resonates loud and clear. I can’t wait to see Aissa’s lead magnet hit the spotlight. It’ll be a blockbuster, no doubt. And for the rest of you, watch the full episode so you can go out there and make some waves using the keys to a lead magnet we discussed.